Henry (Hong-Rae) Jo

Getting To Know You: Henry (Hong-Rae) Jo

Modine: Tell us a little about yourself – family, job, hobbies.

Henry: I have 4 members in my family, they are my wife and 2 daughters. My wife is working at the office in Korea which provides bearing and maintance parts manufactured in Germany. My first daughter is working at the Pharmaceutical company after graduating of university. Second daughter is a dentist, she is a first year resident.

I have been working at Modine for 7 years, before joining Modine I worked at Mando for 22 years and Modine bought Mando in 2004 and sold in 2009. I am working for EGRC Engineering leader in EPG and Program Manager for Korea PTC items.

Modine: Why did you want to participate in Connecting Across the Globe?

Henry: This will be good chance and experience for me and wife to learn Modine.

Modine: Have you ever been to the United States?

Henry: Yes, first time was in 1994 traveling to New York as Young Board Members in Mando and attended SAE show in Detroit and 4 times visited Racine and Joplin.

Modine: Who is accompanying you on your trip?

Henry: My wife, An Bu-Ja.

Modine: Has your guest ever been to the U.S.?

Henry: No. She is the first time visit.

Modine: What are you most excited about?

Henry: Tour of Modine and downtown.


Modine: What is one thing you hope to learn during your trip?

Henry: Building HVAC and improvement of English speaking skills.

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