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New Colleagues Become Old Friends

After arriving in Germany, we went to the hotel to have a little rest. The hotel is excellent: cozy, spacious, modern and close to the airport.  After a short rest, our host Michael came back accompanied by a translator, a very nice man from Costa Rica named Derek.  He is very smart and is studying and working. We went to do sightseeing, stopped to have lunch, and visited a castle.  From there our host took us to his house for a barbecue.  I was feeling like in home already. We met his wife, Elfie, an incredible nice person who welcomed us like if were old friends.  We shared a table with their neighbors, very nice people that shared part of the German history with me. Germany is of full of historical places. Michael then took us back to the hotel to get some sleep; we did not sleep much because our bodies were still on central time.

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