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Traveling to Germany…An Adventure!

First, our adventure started in Laredo, Texas, where we flew to Houston. It was quite an experience for my wife as she had never flown in a small plane, she was scared with any movement of the plane and there was a storm in Houston so the last part of short fly was kind of bumpy, now you can imagine how my wife was feeling! In Houston we took a bigger plane to Frankfurt, Germany, and this went very well. It lasted 9 hours and we were tired but we were very excited so we did not put too much importance to how tired we were. In Frankfurt, we had to take a bus that took us around the airport to the passport check, by the time we had the passport stamped the plane to Stutgart was already waiting for us, I think they waited for nearly 20 minutes; fortunately we were around 20 people getting the passport check so I did not feel too guilty. The plane took off and we arrived 30 minutes latter to Stutgart but….our baggage did not arrive. Quite an adventure…


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